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ERP-integrated ecommerce for distributors

Are you looking for an ecommerce platform for distributors that can help you compete in a shifting market and offer your B2B and B2C clients quality experiences?

ecommerce for distributors


ecommerce for distributors

Distributors and ecommerce

The rapid growth of B2C ecommerce has had a ripple effect on B2B businesses. A well-designed B2C customer experience offers the convenience and personalization that B2B buyers seek in their business purchases.

That’s why over 69% of B2B digital leaders have expanded into new channels in the last two years.

This shift in purchasing habits and the online market growth give B2B ecommerce distributors with an ERP-integrated platform a significant advantage.

Ecommerce for distributors
Ecommerce platform for distributors

Empowering B2B efficiency

At such a pivotal time, adopting an ERP-integrated ecommerce platform for distributors allows you to offer B2B clients a streamlined B2C buying experience and make your brand stand out in a highly competitive market.


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Distributors evolve with k-ecommerce

Our B2B and B2C ecommerce platform for distributors prioritizes your clients’ demand for personalized experiences and meets your needs.

A B2C experience for B2B customers with 24/7 self-service

The growth of B2C ecommerce has greatly influenced B2B customers’ expectations when making online purchases. Our ERP-integrated ecommerce platform for distributors lets you offer the efficient, personalized, and accessible B2C-style experience that B2B customers want.

Our platform also helps your B2B customers update account details and place orders anytime and from anywhere in the world without needing support staff help. This frees your customer service team and sales reps to focus on other tasks that grow your business.

Speed and transparency

A B2B distributors’ ecommerce platform accelerates order processing, eliminates human error, automates inventory updates, and provides comprehensive customer data. The platform unites back office system data and complex web store into a single, instant-access view. It also updates this functionality in real-time and makes the features available when needed.

Personalized prices and catalogs

An ERP-integrated platform for ecommerce distributors offers customers a personalized experience and helps you create catalogs with unique product offerings and promotions, such as discounts on large orders and customer-specific catalogs. It also provides complex and multi-level pricing coupled with product recommendations based on viewed items and previous orders.

Expanding operations

Our ERP-integrated ecommerce platform for distributors grows with your business and helps it scale from local to international. The B2B ecommerce platform offers native integrations to eBay and Amazon marketplaces, third-party tax services like Avalara, and major shipping companies. It also provides multilingual and multi-currency support, making it easy to connect and expand to new markets.

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Diverse industries, unique stories, complex challenges, but one thing in common: businesses around the globe turn to k-ecommerce for their digital evolution.

We offer affordable plans with a wide portfolio of supplementary modules and custom development and design options tailored to your business needs.

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