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ERP-integrated ecommerce for wholesalers

Are you looking for the best wholesale ecommerce platform to automate your manual processes and improve your B2B and B2C customers' buying experiences?




Personalizing ecommerce for B2B and B2C

The hyper-personalized experiences B2C customers often receive have significantly impacted B2B clients. Most B2B shoppers now expect businesses to give them the same experience their B2C counterparts get. In fact, 73% of B2B customers expect brands to understand their needs and personalize their products accordingly, while 56% expect every offer to be personalized.

Despite such massive demand, many wholesale ecommerce businesses lag behind other businesses in implementing ecommerce personalization for their B2B and B2C clients. This gives ecommerce wholesalers utilizing an ERP-integrated platform an enormous competitive advantage.


Empowering B2B efficiency

Adopting an ERP-integrated ecommerce platform for wholesalers helps you offer B2B and B2C customers a smooth buying experience, making your business stand out in a highly competitive niche.

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Wholesalers evolve with k-ecommerce

Our B2B and B2C wholesale ecommerce platform reshapes the way wholesalers do business through four key benefits:

Personalized B2C experiences for B2B buyers

According to a 2022 Gartner Survey, 83% of B2B customers prefer ordering online through ecommerce platforms. With k-ecommerce, both B2B and B2C shoppers can place orders from anywhere in the world without requiring your staff’s support. They can also update their accounts, track orders, view invoices, and easily reorder products. That gives them the personalized experience they want and appreciate.

This enhances customer satisfaction and, at the same time, frees up your sales and customer service teams to focus on other high-value activities that grow your company.

Seamless integration with ERP systems

Our platform integrates seamlessly with ERP solutions like SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Acumatica. As a result, your global inventory remains updated and accurate as new stock arrives and orders ship out. It also eliminates human error and provides comprehensive customer data.

Expand your market reach

Wholesalers can reach a much larger customer base by catering to both B2B and B2C. B2B lets you handle bulk orders from retailers, distributors, and other businesses. With B2C, you can sell your goods directly to end consumers. A wholesale ecommerce platform like k-ecommerce helps you efficiently serve both types of customers and increase your revenue potential.

Understand customer preferences with real-time analytics

One of the key benefits of a wholesale ecommerce platform like k-ecommerce is its ability to integrate with analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This gives you the necessary data about your clients, like their shopping behavior, demographics, and other insights, to help you deeply personalize your products and expand your reach as a wholesale business.

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