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Solutions by verticals

Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler, and whether you operate in B2B, D2C or B2C, your ecommerce solution must meet your specific needs.

In all cases, the integration of this solution with your ERP is essential to simplify your operations.

Find out how our K.ecom platform tackles the challenges of each of these sectors.

ecommerce for distributors

Our ecommerce solution is :

  • Natively integrated into your ERP
  • Designed to grow with your business
  • Providing a personalized experience
  • Guaranteeing secure payment solutions

Our k-ecommerce products comply with industry standards and integrate a variety of business processes to help save you time and money.

ERP-integrated ecommerce for distributors

Empowering B2B efficiency

By integrating an ecommerce solution into your ERP as a distributor, you set yourself apart from your competitors. Consider the benefits of self-service, simplicity in every transaction and much more.

ERP-integrated ecommerce for manufacturers

Evolve your business with k‑ecommerce

Choosing the right solution for your needs can significantly optimize your processes and reduce your costs. Discover how the integration of ecommerce into your ERP can transform your manufacturing company by automating manual operations.