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ERP-integrated ecommerce for manufacturers

Are you looking for the best ecommerce platform for manufacturers which provides high product visibility and improved customer relationships for manufacturing companies?




Industry 4.0 meets integrated ecommerce for manufacturers

Ecommerce for manufacturing companies has become much more important due to the number of changes happening in the market. With the rise of the smart factory and Industry 4.0, there’s been a shift in the manufacturing industry toward data-driven and autonomous technologies. As a result, ERP-integrated ecommerce for manufacturers is now crucial for automating most business processes involving online selling.

ecommerce for manufacturers

Empowering B2B efficiency

Most B2B customers now expect companies to give them the B2C experience of self-service and independence. Therefore, companies with ecommerce channels have a significant competitive advantage, as 83% of B2B customers prefer paying or ordering through digital commerce.

ERP-integrated ecommerce for manufacturers solves manufacturing companies’ efficiency needs to meet this demand. ERP integration helps automate, simplify, and improve accuracy for large-volume order processing while directly connecting to inventory, logistics, and accounting.

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Manufacturers evolve with k-ecommerce

Our B2B and D2C ecommerce platform for manufacturers meets your needs and prioritizes customer relationships through four key benefits:

Expand market reach​

Manufacturers can tap into multiple market segments and reach a much larger customer base by participating in B2B and D2C. B2B allows you to handle bulk and wholesale orders from distributors, retailers, and other businesses. D2C, on the other hand, lets you sell products directly to end consumers. Your manufacturing ecommerce platform needs both B2B and D2C functionality to meet this need.

Up-to-date inventory​

The best ecommerce platform for manufacturers automatically keeps global inventory accurate and updated as you receive new stock and ship out orders. That means your customers can order 24/7/365.

Personalized experience

Unlike B2C, B2B customers usually have individually negotiated prices, products, and deals. That’s why an ERP-integrated B2B manufacturing ecommerce platform is a powerful solution, as it helps you create personalized catalogs for each customer. Since B2B customers typically buy the same products repetitively, they can view their previous order history and reorder the same items easily.


Integrating your manufacturing ecommerce platform with your ERP helps you optimize efficiency. ERP integration eliminates human error and improves order processing speed. It also simplifies tax obligations with integrations with software like Avalara. And it quickly updates shipping rates with carrier integration so you can lower operational costs, saving money and time as you grow and scale your manufacturing business.

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