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Designed for Acumatica

Explore the flexible ecommerce platform that’s tailor-made for B2B — and built for seamless, secure communication with your Acumatica ERP system.


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Ecommerce for Acumatica, Made for B2B.


The B2B ecommerce platform that’s certified for Acumatica integration.

K-ecommerce leans on the business logic and data housed in your ERP system to power high-performing, high-volume web stores, without disruption — even as your business scales. Our solution helps you leverage Acumatica to automate back-office tasks and simplify the complexity behind the scenes of B2B ecommerce, like:

  • Custom pricing
  • Unique, per-customer product catalogs
  • And buyer-specific discounts

A powerful integration that’s secure, high-impact, and light on your ERP.

Thanks to our smart sync technology, the k‑ecommerce platform is able to natively integrate with Acumatica for up-to-the-minute data insights and seamless buyer experiences that fit the unique B2B use case. All without the risk that comes with allowing unnecessary ERP access, or making changes or installations within it.

Made-for-B2B capabilities, built on Acumatica.

Out of the box, k‑ecommerce is a purposeful solution fit for growing B2B companies that want a more efficient, agile, and scalable way to sell online, fulfill orders, serve customers, and get paid. This means simplifying back-end complexity, automating labor-intensive work, and boosting margins — all with Acumatica as the driving force.

Essential, made-for-B2B capabilities
Support custom product catalogs, complex B2B pricing, and discounts Advanced Shopify+ Only B2B Edition Only Yes
Flexible pricing (UOM-based, volume-based, bundle, customer-specific) Customer-specific only
Custom product display for rich, customer-specific catalogs
B2B sales agreement and discounts
Maintain real-time visibility of orders and inventory Advanced Yes Yes Yes
Up-to-the-minute product availability (incl. quantities per warehouse)
Automated electronic transaction orders
Back-in-stock email notifications for B2B customers Requires 3rd-party integration
Fulfill orders and ship efficiently Advanced Advanced Yes Yes
Flat, freight and LTL rates Requires 3rd-party integration Requires 3rd-party integration
Flexible shipping and pickup options, shipping restrictions, accurate fees Requires 3rd-party integration Requires 3rd-party integration
Dropship and supplier management
Offer streamlined customer self-service and support Advanced Advanced Yes Yes
Purchase rules and approval management
Quote and invoice management
Comprehensive order tracking
Capture payments and manage invoices, returns, and refunds Advanced Yes Yes Yes
Credit card payment gateways, on-account payment and bank transfers Requires 3rd-party integration Requires 3rd-party integration
Automated accounts receivable
Design a web store with a B2B-optimized online buyer experience Advanced Shopify+ Only B2B Edition Only Shared B2B and B2C Focus
Streamlined navigation (precision and filtered search, category management)
Easy reordering (from favorites, past orders, etc.) Coming Soon From past orders only
Quick order; ordering via CSV / Excel file upload
Built-in CMS
Secure your B2B web store Advanced Shopify+ Only B2B Edition Only Shared B2B and B2C Focus
Non-invasive ERP integration (no traffic impacting your ERP performance, or vice versa) Requires 3rd-party connector Requires 3rd-party connector
PCI level-1 compliant environment (secure and closed)
User anonymization
Order & invoice purging for data retention regulatory compliance
Native ERP sync technology that protects against data breaches, payment fraud, and credential theft (no external 3rd-party apps needed)
Scale your business operations without giving up margins Yes No No No
Multi-language and multi-currency support
100K+ SKU optimization
SSO and multi-site management for brand expansion
Standard (not GMV-based) pricing

Embrace automation without losing your human touch.

K-ecommerce leans on the business management capabilities of your Acumatica ERP to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and improve the front-end customer experience for your buyers. This means your unburdened teams —from sales to finance— can focus on supporting your customers, driving growth, and scaling your business.

Get local support from our team.

Tired of waiting for customer support due to out of sync time zones? At k‑ecommerce, we guarantee timely email and phone support 24/7, with a local team and dedicated project manager that’s ready to serve you and help resolve issues quickly, easily, and on your time — not ours.

Do more from a single platform, with add-ons.

Get even more value from k‑ecommerce and your existing investment in Acumatica, with powerful add-on integrations (like email marketing with MailChimp, tax calculation solutions via Avalara, and marketplace integrations with Amazon).

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