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Sell on Amazon with K.ecom

Don’t waste time doing all that extra manual work to get those orders from Amazon into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Our K.ecom solution seamlessly connects your Amazon and Amazon Business Marketplaces to your ERP system.

Product information is updated from your ERP (pricing, inventory, condition, fulfilment lead time) to your Amazon Marketplace storefront. Orders placed on Amazon are directly created in your ERP.


  • Expand your reach

    Amazon is a well-established channel with a huge customer base that you can take advantage of.

  • Optimize sales

    Moving towards unified commerce with a solution like K.ecom will create efficiency and optimize exposure. 

  • Reduce overhead costs

    Consolidate order channels into one single source.

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Sell on eBay Marketplace with K.ecom

Focus on building your business and let us take care about getting those eBay orders into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Our K.ecom solution seamlessly connects your eBay Marketplace to your ERP.

Product information is updated from your ERP (pricing, inventory, condition, fulfilment lead time) to your eBay Marketplace storefront. Orders placed on eBay are directly created in your ERP.


  • Expand your reach

    Online marketplaces are one of the fastest growing ecommerce strategies. eBay, the second largest marketplace in the US, is a well-established channel with a huge customer base to take advantage of.

  • Optimize sales

    Moving towards unified commerce with K.ecom will create sales efficiency and expand your brand awareness.

  • Reduce overhead costs

    Consolidate order channels into one source while automating processes. When products (pricing, inventory, etc.) or orders are updated, you only have to make the update once (in your ERP). We’ll take care of applying all those changes to your eBay products!

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Stay connected and assist your customers in real time with the ChatBeacon integration

Take your clients’ customer experience to the next level by connecting your K.ecom web store to ChatBeacon!

ChatBeacon is a live chat platform that makes it easy to talk to clients, sell products, and provide customer support directly on your website.

Agents are just a click away to assist shoppers in real time as they browse. ChatBeacon also offers screen sharing, SMS Chat Integration, and manageable Bots. This not only gives your web store more of a human feel, but it makes you available whenever your customer has a question.


  • Improve your customers’ shopping and support experience

  • Simplify customer acquisition and onboarding

  • Give your agents an easy way to build reports

  • Maximize team productivity

  • Save time and costs from calls to your support line

  • Boost your sales conversion rate

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Automate your email campaigns with the Mailchimp integration

Design intricate, targeted email campaigns fuelled by live product, price, and order data from your ecommerce solution.

Our K.ecom solution connects your ERP to Mailchimp and updates it with live data in real time, including products, users, coupons, orders and abandoned carts.


  • Unify your marketing data

  • Power your campaigns

  • Maximize your ROI

  • Save time

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Multi-Site Management

Streamline your brands and websites with our multi-site management

Operate multiple ecommerce sites efficiently and create unique experiences for your different brands and websites.

Ideal for running both B2B and B2C or B2B and D2C, this module provides the easiest setup for integrating multiple online stores to your ERP, or implementing additional URLs to an existing K.ecom system.

Our solution will help you promote awareness and trust for your brands or product lines. Our Multi-Site Management module matches your back-end setup and allows multiple websites to integrate to a single ERP. The module also ensures accurate data for each company while reducing errors and manual data entry.


  • Create unique online experience for all your brands

  • Gain maximum awareness for your brands

  • Give each brand its own website and unique branding (color scheme, logo, content, etc.)

  • Reach different audiences by creating a website specific for them

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Choose the best option for your business

For a single-company setup 

  • Multiple sites integrate to the same ERP for maximum efficiency and the fastest go-to-market time
  • A single synchronization service is required 
  • A single admin site is used to configure all the individual sites 


For a multi-company setup 

  • Multiple websites connect to separate databases within the same ERP
  • A synchronization service is required for each individual site 
  • A separate admin site is used to configure each individual site 

Multi-User Management

Take over your store, make your rules and manage your workflows.

Simplify your order approval and scale up your business while your customer relationships deepen and grow.

Our Multi-user approval allows businesses of all sizes to set up a chain of command for approving or denying orders that fall outside of normal purchase rules.

Our solution creates and designs role-based permissions for employees with different levels of access. With Multi-User Management in your arsenal, you’ll be able to establish purchase rules for each level of approval:


  • Minimum/maximum order value 
  • Category and shipping address restrictions 
  • Restrictions on the number of orders 


  • Provide your company and team the autonomy to manage their business segments

  • Minimize complications and wasted time by defining user approval workflows

  • Mitigate risk and avoid unauthorized order errors and redundancies from purchase mistakes

  • Cater to larger customers with more sophisticated buying habits

  • Manage product offerings and verticals based on the users within a company

  • Facilitate multiple buyers' experiences with shared purchase lists and multiple shipping addresses within a company

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Single Sign-On

Eliminate the need for multiple passwords

Juggling multiple passwords isn’t easy. As the number of SaaS applications available continues to grow, easily keep track of all your usernames and passwords.

K.ecom Single Sign-On (SSO) uses a web service that allows you to be automatically logged into your K.ecom online store when connected to another third-party website.

Highly secure, our SSO module can only be used for third-party websites that have been clearly identify beforehand. The module can be used to log users into K.ecom but cannot be used to log users into the Admin section of the website. If the user session has timed out, or if a user accesses a secured page directly without being logged, K.ecom will redirect the user back to the third-party website.


  • Simplify username and password management

  • Reduce support calls for password resets

  • Remove a potential hurdle to impulsive buying

  • Limit security threats for customers as there are less user credentials at risk

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Test Environment

Push the boundaries of your online store without any risks

Feel free to play around with your system and test out new things without being worried about breaking anything.

K.ecom Test Environment allows you to set up a sandbox to test the different features and configurations of the K.ecom platform before applying them to a live environment. It provides you with an exact duplicate of your webstore that can only be accessed by your internal team.


  • Give your team the freedom to test and fine-tune new features before implementing them on the live site

  • Be sure that running tests will not interfere with live information

  • Prevent reporting and forecasts from being affected by “false data” due to test orders and customers

  • Protect your revenue stream

  • Avoid downtime

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