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Unlocking Success in B2B Ecommerce: Beyond the Basics

In this recorded session from AcuCONNECT 2023, Rob Cook and Patrick Fusarini delve into the pivotal role of B2B ecommerce for businesses utilizing Acumatica Cloud ERP. Here are the key takeaways:

B2B Ecommerce Growth

  • B2B ecommerce is rapidly growing, expected to exceed $2 trillion in sales by 2024.

Unique B2B Challenges

  • B2B has specific challenges like complex pricing, custom orders, and real-time data needs.
  • User-friendly, mobile-responsive platforms are essential.

B2B Features

  • A successful B2B ecommerce solution offers features like quick ordering and flexible payment options.


  • Uncover how automation can streamline the order-to-cash process, enhancing efficiency.

B2B vs. B2C

  • Understand the contrasting dynamics of B2B and B2C ecommerce, with divergent customer behaviors and marketing strategies.

ERP Integration

  • Integrating ecommerce with Acumatica Cloud ERP is crucial for data synchronization.


In conclusion, the era of B2B ecommerce is upon us, and solution like k-ecom, our seamlessly integrated ecommerce solution for Acumatica Cloud ERP. These solutions are essential for keeping up with the ever-growing demands of this market. Dive into the world of B2B ecommerce by exploring our recorded session from AcuCONNECT and unlock the potential to transform your business operations.

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