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How Navigloo Streamlines Order Management With a Complete Integration to Acumatica

Navigloo has been a trusted provider of winter watercraft protection solutions in Quebec for more than 50 years. Its website had a store that allowed customers to make purchases online, but it wasn’t connected to its ERP, Acumatica. Without an ERP integration, handling online orders was a highly manual process that became increasingly frustrating and time-consuming.

After researching different ecommerce platforms, Navigloo found that API-powered integrations would be too complex and costly for its needs. k-ecommerce helped Navigloo build an online store that seamlessly integrated with its ERP without needing an expensive API.


Navigloo needed an ecommerce platform integrated with its ERP to eliminate manual order processing from the online store.

In particular, Navigloo wanted an ecommerce solution that could:

  • Integrate with Acumatica Cloud ERP without the need for an API.
  • Offer cost-effective and predictable pricing.
  • Provide a dedicated point of contact in the same time zone.


Navigloo chose k-ecommerce as its ecommerce platform after realizing it could integrate with the existing ERP without needing an API, which could become more costly over time as they tailored it to their business.

Since k-ecommerce offered a direct Acumatica ecommerce integration through its Sync Technology, it was the best fit for Navigloo’s unique business needs, providing:

  • Seamless ERP integration.
  • Faster order processing.
  • Reduced manual tasks.
  • Mapped fields for easy setup.
  • Cost-effective implementation and predictable pricing.
  • Provide a personalized and human-centric support team to assist with onboarding and maintenance.


Simple and Streamlined Order Management

k-ecommerce automatically connects Navigloo’s online store to its ERP without the need for complex API configurations. Instead of spending time exporting online orders and processing payments, Navigloo’s team can focus on managing the business.


Cost-Effective Implementation

With k-ecommerce’s all-in-one approach, pricing includes implementation, support, and updates. Navigloo can speed up order processing while keeping expenses predictable.


Reliable Deployment Support

Navigloo has a dedicated contact at k-ecommerce to help answer any questions or technical inquiries. This level of support allowed for a seamless implementation process.

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