Success Stories

Dietzgen: Faster Sales, New Markets, Satisfied Customers

7 February 2021

Dietzgen is a distributor of materials for the wide-format printing industry. They produce and distribute large rolls of paper that are used to make giant roadside billboard advertisements, building plans, window graphics and more.

Before switching to k-eCommerce, Dietzgen had a major organizational problem. With thousands of SKUs across dozens of categories, all their product information was siloed in different locations across the company’s 8 facilities: some of it in the ERP, some of it in static PDFs, some in company emails.

And since Dietzgen was handling most their sales over the phone, this made it very difficult to get their customers all the information they needed.

The k-ecommerce solution’s native integration to Dietzgen’s Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP helped them to streamline all this information into one place where both their customers and their staff could find it easily. This shortened the sales cycle, allowing Dietzgen to reach new markets and even launch new products more easily.