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Ecommerce Solution Feature List

K-ecommerce is the made-for-B2B ecommerce solution with a unique approach to Integration: one that’s low-risk, non-invasive, and reliable. A two-way flow of data means no unnecessary changes to or installations inside your ERP, and all the powerful features a best-in-class B2B web store needs.

From robust catalog management to self-service capabilities and fulfillment optimization, browse a complete list below.

Rich Product Information Enrich buyers’ online browsing experience with high-quality photos, detailed product specifications, descriptions, files, and videos.
Automatic Product Categorization Automatically associate products with their designated categories, for seamless organization and navigation for your customers.
Customizable Product Displays Customize how your products are presented —from a variety of layout options— on both your product listing and product display pages.
Product Variation Grouping Use grouping to let customers easily compare product variations, such as color or size, from a single page.
[For Business Central] Integrated Product Variants Enable and configure product variants to generate product groups, so you can offer a diverse range of products without the need to create individual entries for each variation.
Multi-Brand Product Management Highlight and organize products by brand, to offer customers easy access to their preferred labels.
Rich Product Category Management Easily import and export your product category tree and manage URL mapping across categories.
Punch-Out Integration* Effortlessly connect buyers with supplier catalogs directly from your purchasing system, for streamlined product selection and system compatibility.
100k+ SKUs Optimization Easily manage extensive inventories of over 100,000 SKUs with our optimization feature, which ensures smooth handling, organization, and performance at scale.
Customer-Specific Catalog Show personalized product offerings or catalogs to individual customers, including exclusive product collections for specific segments.
Streamlined Catalog Browsing Make it easy for customers to navigate through your products, with four levels of categorization for precise search, filtering, and selection.
Filtered Search (by Attributes) Empower your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for, by letting them refine search results based on specific product attributes.
Model Match (Precision Product Search) For customers buying make, model, year-specific parts and accessories, our model match search feature guarantees they can always find the exact, compatible product they need.
Product Customizer Allow customers to personalize their products for a truly bespoke shopping experience.
Saved, Multiple, and Persistent Carts Allow customers to manage multiple shopping carts simultaneously, to plan and save carts for future orders, and to know their carts will remain populated — even if they log out or close their browser.
Accurate Inventory Availability Keep your customers informed about product availability and inventory status (including in-stock email notifications). Optionally, display quantities per warehouse for even greater transparency.
Configurable Prices and Totals Display Configure how prices and totals are displayed, ensuring clarity and accuracy for both you and your customers.
Made-for-B2B Pricing Options Tailor pricing based on units of measure (UOM), volume (quantity breaks), and bundles (kits). Please note, kit (bundle pricing) is not supported for Dynamics 365 F&O or Dynamics AX).
[For Dynamics GP] Advanced Pricing Control Choose from 4 ways to make prices with Dynamics GP: standard creation in Dynamics GP, which includes Price Levels and Extended Pricing, and through third party price utilities (Myridas Trinity Advanced Extended Pricing and Omniprice).
Purchase Rules Define and set custom purchasing parameters (like minimum and maximum quantity limits) to fine-tune the buying process.
Coupons, Limited-Time Discounts, and BOGO Promotions* Drive sales by offering seasonal promotions, rebates, discounts, or free shipping on your web store.
Automated Tax Compliance Integrations Seamlessly integrate Avalara AvaTax or Thomson Reuters Onesource to ensure accurate, automated calculation and management of sales tax.
[For Business Central] VAT Support Value Added Tax (VAT) within our sync service. VAT taxes synced from Dynamics Business Central to the k-ecommerce solution work like regular taxes in the admin panel.
Sales Quote Management* Empower your sales team to offer customers accurate, customized quotes.
PCI Vault Credit Card Data Protection Our PCI Vault securely stores credit card information, ensuring compliance for seamless, secure transactions.
ACH and EFT Bank Transfer Payments Make payments and receive funds seamlessly with ACH (Automated Clearing House) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) bank transfers.
Flexible Credit Card Payments Our credit card payment system lets you choose between transaction options based on your specific business requirements (pre-authorization, purchase, and automatic or manual post-authorization).
On-Account Payment Effortlessly manage bill-on-account transactions, which are seamlessly integrated with your ERP system. Define payment terms and ensure smooth processing for customers with established credit.
KIP Payment Add On* For customers on Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365 Business Central, your teams can access, adjust, and support payment management with KIP.
Single-Page and Guest Checkout Let customers check out from a single page, with auto-filled fields for returning buyers. Plus, offer guest checkout for more flexibility.
Real-Time Shipping Rate Calculation Access real-time shipping rates based on weight and dimensions through leading carrier services.
In-Store Pick-Up Offer your customers options for in-store pick-up, and even let them choose a preferred pickup time to maximize convenience.
Flat Rate Shipping Our Flat Rate Shipping feature, independent of integrated shipping rate services, offers a fixed fee for clear and predictable rates.
Freight and LTL Shipping Rates (for UPS and FedEx) Calculate freight and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) rates for accurate, competitive pricing on larger or specialized shipments.
Supplier and Dropship Management Support your dropshipping operations, and assign specific shipping methods to individual suppliers for seamless handoff.
RMA Manage returns seamlessly, directly from your web store. (Integration available with Dynamics GP only).
Upselling and Cross-Selling Suggest Similar Products to customers, as an alternative, when their desired product is unavailable. Or cross-sell Complementary Products to customers based on what’s in their cart.
Product Ratings and Reviews Gather authentic feedback through reviews and ratings, and then surface that feedback to help other buyers with their purchases.
Abandoned Cart Reminders With our Abandoned Cart feature, gain insights about the cart viewer, send automatic reminder emails, and export data for analysis.
SEO Management Customize tags, meta descriptions, sitemaps, and URLs, plus manage multiple URLs seamlessly. Optionally, use our SEO Keyword Synonym Generator to help broaden your search reach.
Web Analytics Google Integration Easily connect your website to Google Analytics GA4 for powerful web insights that help you understand your audience’s behavior.
Google Tag Manager (Coming Q4 2024) Integrate with Google Tag Manager for an easy way to add and modify tags on your website, assess user behavior, and retarget visitors.
Email Marketing Management Out of the box with k-ecommerce, you can streamline your e-mail communication, and craft targeted newsletters and promotional materials to reach your audience with engaging messages.
Email Marketing Mailchimp Integration* With Mailchimp Integration PLUS, design targeted email campaigns based on real-time data from k-ecommerce (like product, user, order, and abandoned cart insights).
Facebook Ads Pixel Integration Integrate with Facebook Pixel to target with precision in your ad campaigns, gain insights into user behavior, and track conversions.
Google Ads Integration Integrate with Google Ads to fine-tune your ad campaigns for maximum impact and more online reach.
Order Tracking and Invoice History Keep your customers in the loop by giving them a way to easily track their orders and access their invoice history.
Express Ordering Let customers order hassle-free by inputting item numbers, or by uploading Excel or .csv files as their shopping list.
Reordering from Saved Orders Allow customers to effortlessly reorder previously selected items from saved orders, saving time and effort.
Purchase List Builder Let customers curate a personalized collection of products they’re interested in or want to purchase in the future.
Payment Search Let customers easily sort through and find specific payments within their Payment History — and let your teams do the same.
Preferred Store Functionality Allow customers to designate a preferred store, so they can easily access location-specific details, services, and promotions.
B2B Customer Account Validation Facilitate the secure creation of B2B customer accounts by following a seamless approval and validation process, for quick and efficient customer onboarding.
Unified Admin Tools Take charge of your operations with our Admin Tools, including a synchronized Event Viewer, Trace Viewer, and Price Checker.
Customer Service Portal Efficiently manage and process orders on behalf of your clients with a dedicated portal that ensures a hassle-free experience for your clients.
Sales Rep Portal Provide your sales team with a portal that grants them access to clients’ pricing details, facilitates order taking, assists in quote preparation, and streamlines return management.
Manual Order Price Adjustments Enable your customer service agents and sales reps to make manual price changes when providing discounts and personalized pricing solutions for customers.
Employee Account and Permission Management Get the autonomy to oversee your employees’ accounts and permissions, so you can efficiently manage user access to ensure data security and compliance.
Role-Based Purchase Approval* Set up a chain of command for approving or denying orders that fall outside of normal purchase rules (including creating and designing role-based permissions for employees with different levels of access).
User Anonymization Secure your customers’ personal information by anonymizing the identity of each user.
Admin Two-Step Authentication Add an extra layer of security to your accounts by letting administrators enforce additional verification.
Captcha Integration Enable Captcha for newsletter sign-ups, account creation, and checkout to keep bots at bay and ensure genuine user interactions.
Data Clean Up (Purge) Remove outdated or unnecessary order and invoice information from your system, ensuring a clean and organized database.
Clickjacking Protection Out of the box, k-ecommerce protects against a common source of malware attacks (clickjacking).
Best Selling Product Calculator This tool calculates and highlights your top-performing products, providing key insights into customer preferences.
Multi-Language Support Create custom content and serve customers in other languages, including English, Spanish, and French, as you scale globally.
Multi-Currency Payments Expand your customer base and increase conversions by providing payment options in various monetary units.
Multi-Site Management* Whether you have a variety of separate brands that operate under an umbrella, or if your business operates multiple k-ecommerce websites, you can manage all those web stores from one place.
Third-Party Marketplace Integration* Extend the reach of your online sales by selling your products on the world’s top third-party marketplaces, like Amazon. (Please note, this feature is not available for SAP, Dynamics 365 F&O, or Dynamics AX).
Built-in CMS Take charge of your platform’s appearance by selecting and customizing themes, adjusting layout settings, choosing color schemes, and creating web content with our Page Builder.
Custom and Preset Website Theme Selection Choose from a range of stylish standard themes to adapt the visual appeal and functionality of your platform in a way that suits your brand aesthetic, or design a custom branded theme.
Mobile Optimization Ensure a seamless user experience optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop, including automatically resized and zoom-enabled images.
Customized Form Builder This feature empowers you to create customized forms using the built-in CMS, enabling seamless interactions with your customers.
Online Knowledge Base Instantly find comprehensive, step-by-step documentation (with images) for every configuration and feature of your k-ecommerce solution in our Online Knowledge Base.
24/7 Customer Support Whether you want to reach our team online or by phone, we are available 24/7, locally in North America, to offer personalized support on your time.
Design Support A design package with k-ecommerce includes a discovery meeting, branding alignment, mockup development, QA, and design installation. Choose from 10-hour, 20-hour, 40-hour, and 80-hour design packages.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide you through from sale to post-purchase, support your implementation, and serve as your very own k-ecommerce expert.
Admin SSO Give administrators central control, so they can access, using just one login, multiple sites under one umbrella.
End-User SSO With our end-user SSO functionality, you can use our web service to log your customers in from your system to ours.
Custom Development If you need a uniquely tailored ecommerce solution, our team can work with you on a custom development with the specific functionality you need.
Test Website To ensure quality, look and feel, and performance excellence on your web store, you can first explore and approve a test website before production.
Merchant Account K-ecommerce offers a merchant account add-on that lets you use a business bank account to process electronic payments such as debit and credit cards.
SSL With a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) add-on, k-ecommerce provides secure online communication, including server authentication.
Resync In case of syncing issues or data deletion, k-ecommerce gives you the flexibility to manually resync as a backup alternative.
Additional Domain For a one-time price, k-ecommerce allows you to add additional domains to your web store as your business scales.

*Requires, or may require additional costs, depending on package selected. For an overview on packages, please visit our pricing page.