SEO for B2B Ecommerce: An Introductory Guide 

10 May 2023

SEO for B2B Ecommerce Success: An Introductory Guide introduces B2B businesses to the world of SEO. It explains why SEO is important for companies, covers essential ecommerce terms, and provides practical guidance on links, keywords, content, images, videos, user-generated content, ranking factors, and managing search engine crawlers. The ebook also includes a glossary of terms to help readers better understand SEO.   

This guide is an ideal starting point for B2B businesses looking to improve their online presence and drive sales through SEO.  

Topics covered : 

  • Why do companies need SEO? 
  • Ecommerce terms everyone should know 
  • Links: connect and grow 
  • Keywords and content 
  • Images, video, and user-generated content 
  • Other ranking factors 
  • Managing search engine crawlers 
  • Glossary of terms