The B2B E-Payment Guide

8 December 2023

The future of B2B is digital, and ecommerce is just the beginning.

Online sales are increasing, but e-payments are already taking over the B2B market. Experts predict that B2B ecommerce sales will reach $3 trillion in the United States by 2027, with 80% of transactions being digital by 2025.

E-payment is a convenient, fast, and secure option for both consumers and businesses. 66% of customers report greater satisfaction with electronic billing, and 36% consider it a competitive advantage.

In other words, e-payment can give you an edge over your competitors. Even small and medium-sized businesses need to offer the option to pay bills online to keep B2B clients happy.

Download our e-payment guide and learn:

  • The B2B Payment Opportunity
  • The Difference between Payment and Ecommerce
  • E-Payment Best Practices: Integration, Security, and Customer Experience
  • How to Choose the Right E-Payment Solution for Your Business