6 Ways to Level Up Your Business with ERP-integrated Ecommerce

5 September 2023

The Ultimate Ecommerce Guide: 6 Ways to Level Up Your Business with ERP-Integrated Ecommerce

Pandemic-driven online sales made the ecommerce market segment experience massive growth in 2020. Post pandemic, certain changes in consumer behaviour and digital investment persist. How will the ecommerce sector adapt to meet these shopper expectations?

This e-book will show you 6 ways to level up your business with ERP-integrated ecommerce while building sustainable revenues, boost loyalty and engagement, and increase cost savings. We will also cover the following challenges within the market while providing tactical ways to overcome them:

  • Competition from major retailers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses
  • High fulfillment costs
  • Surges in online traffic (scalability)
  • Rising shopper expectations about easy and convenient shopping
  • Automation logistics
  • Fluctuating prices that require quick decisions
  • Limited development resources for deployment and maintenance