5 Signs It’s Time to Migrate Away from Your Open-Source Platform

27 January 2023
…to a B2B ERP-Integrated Ecommerce Solution


Are you considering migrating from your open-source ecommerce platform? Perhaps you are no longer considered a start-up, or your online channel has matured enough to have outgrown the capabilities of your current platform. Maybe with technological advancements, your tech debt is rising due to the cost of maintenance for your open-source infrastructure. The platform that was initially considered to be your most cost-effective option is now incurring fees that didn’t come to light early in your vendor selection phase. These are all real-life situations we often see businesses come across.

To help businesses make an informed decision when migrating away from their open-source platform, we have compiled our top 5 signs that it’s time to make the switch to a future-proof solution and avoid facing migration again in a few years.