The Benefits of an Integrated Ecommerce Website

8 July 2015

Think integrating your web store to your Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One platform won’t make a big impact on your business? Think again. Integration offers multiple benefits including saving time and money, reducing humor errors in your back-end system and ensuring customers don’t purchase out-of-stock or incorrectly priced merchandise. It also brings you peace of mind and lets you focus on growing your business. Don’t waste time managing data in your ERP and web store separately, integration is the solution your problems. Click here to learn more about integration.

k-ecommerce Sync Technology

The k-ecommerce Sync Technology is a powerful tool that synchronizes data from your Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One back-end system to your web store and vice versa. This not only saves you time, money and resources, but it also decreases the likelihood of human errors from managing two databases including missing orders, duplicate entries and incorrect customer information.

When orders are placed online, they will automatically be created in your ERP. You can process these orders within minutes and get them ready to be shipped to your customer. With faster order turnaround, you get merchandise out the door and satisfy customers by delivering their items quicker. When you update inventory levels, pricing, tax and shipping information in your ERP, it pushes to your web store in real time, so all data matches and customers never purchase items you don’t have or for the wrong price.

With an ecommerce platform seamlessly integrated to your Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP Business One solution, data is synchronized between both systems, improving customer relationships and maximizing profits. Don’t get caught in the endless cycle of updating and managing two databases. Talk to one of our ecommerce experts to see how integration can take your web store to the next level.